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D'Entrecasteaux Channel

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The first ship to carve the waters of the Channel was commanded by French navigator Bruni D'Entrecasteaux – now, the waterway and the island it creates both bear his name. Like D'Entrecasteaux, modern mariners treasure the hidden bays and sheltered coves of the Channel.


Along the road that winds its way south through the waterside hamlets of Snug and Margate, Kettering and Woodbridge, Middleton and Gordon, you'll glimpse white sails and bright spinnakers, hard-working fishing boats, the busy runabouts of salmon farmers, visitors relaxing in sea kayaks and kids jigging for squid from a jetty – that's the life of the Channel today.

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Sloping back up into the hills, orchards and pastures meet the dark forest, blazing with golden wattle bloom in spring. Take the low road along the coast all the way to Cygnet, hub of a creative community at the head of a quiet bay.

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Or take the high road, climbing to the crest of the hills with wide views over the Huon estuary and the ragged summits of the distant World Heritage Wilderness Area. Either way it's a route offering beaches and blueberries, wood-turners and wattlebirds, clay pots and cray boats, world class restaurants, wineries, cafés and tea rooms.